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Hallo von Schottland !


My apologies that I do not speak your language, but I hope to learn.

I am a fan of Glasgow Rangers and recall our clubs playing each other in 2004, I attended our match at Ibrox.

Recently I read of the difficult times that Grazer AK has undergone, however I hope that the club will recover and be challenging to win the Austrian Bundesliga again, especially defeating Sturm Graz.

I have been attempting to purchase Grazer AK club kit and accessories through the online store, with no success, if anyone can offer me advice on how to do so I would be very grateful.

I will be keeping up to date with Grazer's progress in the forthcoming season and wish the club many successful matches.




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Thank you for the information red_ressurection. I have sent an email to the shop and hope to hear from them soon.


You are correct, in many ways, regarding similarities between Rangers and Grazer.

We went through financial liquidation, and were punished by the Scottish Football Association. they relegated us to the third division (fourth tier) in Scotland. We are now in the first division, following  promotions, and hope to be promoted this season - 2015/16 back in to the Scottish Premiership.

We have a new owner, manager, coach and are currently rebuilding our squad.

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